Tromsø Arctic Skimo 2022 take place 29-30th of April. Friday is the first competition day for Tromsø Skimo Challenge 4000. The other competitions will take place on April 30th

Program Thursday 28th of April

20:00 Information meeting canceled. Information will be given before start.

Program Friday 29th of April

11:30 Bib pick-up open in starting area

12:15 Information meeting

13:00 Start Tromsø Skimo Challenge 4000 day one

16:00 Awards ceremony day one - start area day one

Program Saturday 30th of April

09:00 Bib pick-up open in starting area

10:30 Information meeting at Kattfjordeidet (start area)

11:00 Start Tromsø Skimo Challenge 4000//2000

11:00 Start Arctic Team Skimo and Rekrutt Skimo

14:30 Start Downhill Challenge

21:30 Award ceremony at Storgata Camping

21:30 SkittentindFest (party) – seasons end party at Storgata Camping

A raffle for all the participants and volunteers will be held at the after party.