Tromsø Skimo Challenge 4000/2000

Tromsø Skimo Challenge is our toughest individual competition. In 2022 it will consist of two competitions: Tromsø Skimo Challenge 4000 and Tromsø Skimo Challenge 2000. These are both a part of the Norwegian Skimo Cup. Half of the points will be divided between the two days of racing.

Skimo Challenge 4000 consists of two days of racing beginning on Friday, April 29th and continuing on the Saturday, April 30th. This is the event for those of us searching for a true challenge.

Skimo Challenge 2000 is one day of racing together with the athletes racing in Skimo Challenge two on Saturday, April 30th.


Routes and profiles

Here are the updated routes for races on Friday and Saturday. Due to challenging weather Friday will take place in the area around Lille Blåmann. Saturday we hope to do the suggested route. Both might be changed.

Time schedule

Tromsø Skimo Challenge 4000 (29th of April)

11:30 Bib pick-up open in starting area

11:30 Transport from marked parking to start area.

12:15 Information meeting

13:00 Start Tromsø Skimo Challenge 4000 day one

16:00 Awards ceremony day one - start area day one

 Tromsø Skimo Challenge 2000/4000 (30th of April)

09:00 Pick-up bib-numbers open in starting area

10:30 Information Meeting

11:00 Start

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