#1 Mixed Relay

The world cup week in Tromsø starts of with the mixed relay on Fløya just above the cable car at Fjellheisen.

The relay is composed by mixed teams, 1 woman and 1 man.

Two different ascents and descents, with a part on foot in the 2nd ascent, performed twice by each member of the relay team. Each relay section is led by a member of the relay team.

More details on competition here

#2 Vertical race

The vertical race will start from the cable car station and finish on the top of the mountain Fløya. A unique track in natural terrain. The track is 3 km starting almost at sea level with an elevation gain of 670 m

The track is the same for both categories of racers.

#3 Individual SM/SW

The Indivual Race and it’s track is a spectacular from sea to summit on Buren. A test with departure and arrival from the base in Ersfjorden

The track combines different uphills, footparts with the skis on the rucksack and amazing descents towards the sea.

For the first time a full Live TV broadcast of the whole event

#4 City Sprint

The World Cup Week will end with a spectacular sprint race by the harbor in the city center. The racers can practically go from the finish line to a refeshing bath in the sea! Not for everyone maybe..

A challenging and compact track that will require strength, speed and good technical skiing skills. Start and finish on the square by the harbor with turning in the school yard at the Gyllenborg school

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