TV-Broadcast from the sprint and individual competitions

We are happy to collaborate with Norwegian Broadcasting and NEP to create unique TV images from the sprint and individual events. On the team we have the renowned NRK producer Reidar Stjernen who helped create magic with live chess. When you manage to engage as many as 2.76 million Norwegians to follow the Norwegian chess genius Magnus Carlsen’s path to the world champion title, imagine the possibilities with skimo!

NRK producer Reidar Stjernen

A skimo competition, can be a thrilling event to watch on television. The race take place in rugged, mountainous terrain and require competitors to climb steep inclines and navigate challenging descents. This requires not only physical strength and endurance, but also a high level of technical skill and the ability to make quick decisions in challenging conditions. The ambition for the TV-broadcast in Tromsø is to caputure the true nature of the sport with a priority on the individual competition. To capture the challenges, the rivalry and the drama that unfolds during a competition.

The individual competition takes place on the mountain Buren, which will be able to provide unique TV images with spectacular climbs – sea to summit – in combination with fast descents and panoramic images of the fantastic mountain ranges on the island of Kvaløya

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