Tromsø Arctic Skimo becomes a part of the ISMF World Cup

Tromsø, Norway – The beautiful and rugged mountains of the Tromsø region will be the backdrop for an exciting event in 2023, as the annual Tromsø Arctic SkiMo race has been selected to be a part of the International Ski Mountaineering Federation (ISMF) World Cup circuit.

Hans Inge Klette and Vegard Øie fighting for the overall win of TAS 2022

The inclusion of the Tromsø Arctic SkiMo race in the ISMF World Cup circuit will bring even more attention and prestige to the event, and will provide a chance for skimo athletes to compete at the highest level. The Tromsø region has a strong tradition of ski mountaineering and is home to many skilled and dedicated skimo athletes, making it the perfect location for this exciting and competitive event.

The Tromsø Arctic SkiMo race will take place in the beautiful mountains of the Tromsø region, offering competitors and spectators breathtaking views and a unique mountain experience. The race is sure to be a highlight of the 2023 skimo season, and will draw competitors and fans from around the world to the stunning Tromsø region.

The International Ski Mountaineering Federation (ISMF) World Cup is an annual competition that brings together the best ski mountaineers from around the world to compete in a series of races.

The ISMF World Cup consists of a series of races held throughout the winter season, usually from December to April. These races take place in some of the most challenging and beautiful mountain ranges in the world, including the European Alps, the Rocky Mountains in North America, and the Andes in South America.

The World Cup races are held in a variety of formats, including mixed relay, vertical races, sprint races, and individual and team long distance races. In a vertical race, skiers must ascend and descend a designated course as quickly as possible, while in a sprint race, skiers must complete a shorter course as quickly as possible. Individual and team long distance races are longer races that require skiers to navigate through a series of checkpoints over a set course.

The ISMF World Cup is a highly competitive event, with skiers from around the world vying for top honors. The World Cup points system is used to determine the overall winner of the World Cup, with points being awarded to the top finishers in each race. The skier with the most points at the end of the season is crowned the World Cup champion.

In addition to the World Cup, the ISMF also organizes the Ski Mountaineering World Championships, a biennial event that brings together the top ski mountaineers from around the world to compete for the title of World Champion. The ISMF World Cup and World Championships are exciting events for both competitors and spectators, showcasing the incredible athleticism and determination of the world’s best ski mountaineers. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or just starting out, the ISMF World Cup is a must-see event for anyone interested in the thrilling sport of ski mountaineering.

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