Vegard Øie about TAS WC 2023


🇳🇴 will host the World Cup event after 9 years. National Team athlete @oievegard has a role as Project Manager of the @tromsoarcticskimo. We did a short Q&A about April’s race, which all competitors can’t wait for!

◼ The reason to host the World Cup:
🗣️ It’s a fantastic chance to show the skiing opportunities in our unique landscape and create spectacular competitions from sea to summit. It provides impetus to develop the sport both regionally and nationally. It’s a unique opportunity to create a strong sporting environment in Tromsø.

◼ The tracks:
🗣️Our goal is to make the tracks exciting and spectacular for athletes and spectators! All in a natural environment and on the premises given to us by nature. There will be exciting ascents, booting on ridges with spectacular views with descents down to the sea. The exception is the sprint that will take place in the city centre. Mixed Relay and Vertical will be on the famous «Fløya» mountain. The plan is to have the Individual be on the beautiful «Buren» mountain, a short drive from Tromsø.

◼ Stream from the Individual race:
🗣️ When we organize WC in Tromsø and the arctic, we have to show what is unique about our region. Because of this, the Individual has to be broadcasted live. It will be live on Norwegian TV and elsewhere in Europe. Which provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase our wonderful sport and region. Most importantly, we see the Individual as the soul of our sport, our DNA. We want to show that it’s possible to create an attractive TV broadcast showing how amazing Individual race is. We think this race will present our sport for a neutral audience better than an event like Mixed Relay.

◼ Vegard’s decision to be a part of the LOC:
🗣️ This was a great opportunity to combine an exciting job in a beautiful place with my career. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough income from sponsors and others to be a full-time athlete. But, after a few months in the job, I can truly say it combines with an athletic career on a much better level than my previous job.

📷 @haakonlundkvist@sigurd.pedersen, ISMF, Torill Ustad Stav

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