Registration for TAS 2020 is open

Tromsø Arctic Skimo is a ski-touring festival that engages skiers of all ages and abilities. We have skimo events for youth, juniors and seniors, as well as a Chinese downhill if you want to challenge yourself. Arctic Team Skimo is a one day team competition. Two to three people per team. Fat skis, skinny skis or splitboard. Tromsø Skimo Challenge 4000/2000 is the most challenging competition. These are individual competitions for one (2000) or two (4000) days. The Downhill Challenge is simply a Chinese Downhill. This is the adrenaline kick for those who aren’t obsessed with kickturn efficiency! Go to registration page

Notice that the participants for Arctic Team Skimo have to register individually. The first participant to register has to assign a name for the team. When the rest of the team register they choose the team name as registered. Note that for the teams you choose between male, female or mix and whether you are two or three persons. Hence the first to register has to choose class and number of persons in the team. Then the other participant(s) assign to this team.

All participants in the competition must have a license that secures the competitor if there are injuries during the competition. If you do not have a license (annual license) it will be included in the registration process.

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