Join the northernmost Skimo competition!

Tromsø Arctic Skimo is arranged in the fantastic mountains on Kvaløya in Tromsø the 3rd and 4th of may. This is a fantastic time of the skiing season with daylight around the clock and powder. We ski sea to summit in a an amazing scenery over two days in the race Tromsø Skimo Challenge 4000.

Several members of the Norwegian national team report that they will take the trip north to attend Tromsø Arctic Skimo which is the northernmost Skimo in Europe and the world.

In the women’s start list the national team runner Malene Blikken Haukøy are joined by the French skimo legend Laetitia Roux and in the men’s competitions there are rumours of several strong international participants. Among them several racers from our twin competition – the southernmost European skimo competition Pierra Creta. Everything is in place for a challenging race where local runners can measure the forces against the best in the country and several international challengers.

The competition day end with this year’s skiparty at the pub «Café Sånn» in the center of Tromsø, with prizes for everyone who participates and volunteers. This is a legendary party which has almost got local cult status. Come taste the Skittentind Beer

Hosting this as a part of the Norwegian Skimo Cup is important for Tromsø Randonéeklubb as organizer, but equally important is to create a fantastic festival for all ski-touring enthusiasts and mountain lovers both inside and outside the region.

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