Contact Our Team

Martin Andersen

Vice President LOC / Marketing Director

A true enthusiast and driving force to create a World Cup where we take the sport back to its roots

Mobile: +47 95078075


Torjus Fossli

Project Manager

Torjus has previously been a part of the team that hosted the National wintersport Championship for students in Tromsø. He is also a skisport entusiast and coach at the Norwegian College of Elite Sport.

Mobile: +47 41277428


Vegard Øie

Project Manager

Vegard has many years of experience on the national and international skimo scene. TAS is very happy to have him on the team creating the best World Cup event ever.

Mobile: +47 41416978


Frank Holen

President LOC

Frank has for years been the head of the Tromsø Randonéeklubb and Tromsø Arctic Skimo.

Mobile: +47 91860299


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